Sunday, January 29, 2012


I always tried to be aware of and grateful for the peaceful chapters of our life.  When our jobs were relatively stable, our kids were doing well, and life was busy but manageable.  Never forget to enjoy your blessings.

Last year was tough.  2012 was probably the toughest year of my life.  It started with Brad being diagnosed with cancer, rolled into Geoff getting ready and leaving for college 10 hours away, and continued on with various painful challenges right up until the end of the year. 

Ah, change can be so refreshing.  It started with finding a new church.  Then we got a couple of new chairs to replace the shabby, worn out ones.  We repainted the kitchen installed new counter tops to update the 35 year old kitchen.  Then my old car with 104,000 miles on it started acting up and we bought an adorable shiny new Honda CRV.  I started praying about a professional goal for myself and within weeks have been given the opportunity to teach my first class - Master's level elective course on developmental disabilities.

It feels like I can take a deep breath again.  It feels good to anticipate more good things.  And it feels like we are stronger and better equipped for the next round of whatever this life brings.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

D-Now Video Creations - Theme: ABNORMAL

To watch the Videos for ABNORMAL click on the links below.

10-11-12th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

Boys, boys and more boys

Disciple Now is a twice a year retreat for the students at our church.  It runs from Wednesday to Sunday morning.  This year we hosted 10-11-12 grade boys, about 12 in all, though it varied at times.  Damage so far - my driver's side mirror in the Mountaineer which was hit by a street hockey ball.  The truck needs inspected, so I'll have to replace it right away.  But it is a good investment in the spiritual lives of the kids.  They stay at the host home for two nights, and they have Bible studies, games and lots of food.  These kids had steak one night and pizza and hot wings the next night.  They like our big house because there is room to run around. 

Danny stayed with the other 6th grade boys including his best bud Jason who is A LOT like Danny.  He doesn't like to miss out on any excitement.  I missed him, but it was great to have Geoff home.  Brad and I ran the sound most of the time, but I tried to squeeze in some school work which is piling up!

Gotta run and hit the shower before the boys wake up.  Then heading to church!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Did I Get Here?

Wow, could somebody please hit the pause button on my life?  Everything is changing so fast, I don't even recognize my own vocabulary.  Grad school.  Wimba.  Blackboard.  Girlfriend.  Driver's License. 16.  Prom.  iCarley, iPad,  Webcam.  E-Reader.  Friending people.

I seriously look around sometimes and wonder how I got here?  My kids were just little.  I was just a stay-at-home-mom.  Life was simpler, wasn't it?  Or at least less busy?  Or maybe I'm just getting tired more easily.  Hmmm.

But change is good and I am grateful for all of it.  I wish the kids would grow up a little slower, but there isn't much I can do about that.  I guess I'll have to be really really careful to cherish it all, the wonderful and the tough stuff too because if there isn't a pause button there is more change right around the corner.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


  1. After the longest, coldest winter it is finally not so cold.
  2. My old car is still running.
  3. My husband is wonderful.
  4. Geoff won a silver medal in the Great Computer Challenge (of course!).
  5. Danny got a 100% on a book report !!
  6. Our church is experiencing an exciting renewal.
  7. At work, graduation preparations are in full swing.
  8. Some of my best friends are some of my longest-lasting friends.
  9. I have been mentored by the most amazing women.
  10. Jesus
  11. Facebook 
  12. PSE and a fast computer.
  13. Eating out tonight.
  14. Free tuition.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today I am grateful for...(part 2)

  1. leftover pizza - yum
  2. 827 fonts on my computer!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today I am grateful for

photo by Danny when he finally got brave enough to climb the
tower in the Marsh at the Virginia Aquarium.

  1.  Brad, who is on his way home and who calls to tell me.
  2. Whistling.  Normally I encourage whistling be conducted outside, but Danny is so proud of this ability, that it's o.k.
  3. Geoff who is home safe.
  4. The bills are paid again.
  5. Summer is feeling better with her meds.  She may be a a drug addict, but at 14, she deserves a few vices.  Sweet old girl.
  6. My job is busy and fulfilling.
  7. After a long, cold winter, a crocus greeted me as I turned into the driveway.  Bring on the spring!
  8. Another new baby girl for my friend Bev.  Can't wait to meet another one!
  9. Chocolate.
  10. Turkey Hill diet green tea.
  11. A peaceful house.
  12. Photoshop.
  13. Letting myself not be perfect, its futile anyway.
  14. My mom opening an ETSY shop!  
  15. Living near the beach.
more tomorrow!